Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Technology and Research

So, in the process of expanding and sourcing research that has been given to us on this family, I searched the Monumental Inscriptions from Old St John's Church in Bury. There was an awful lot of information on this family and all its branches. At 10 cents per photocopy page, that would have been $5.60 to copy this booklet. But I love technology! At the Family History Center they have a fancy new microfilm scanner. Have you ever used one of these? Wow! Pop the microfilm on the scanner, scan each page and it is saved as an image to the attached computer. Then all I did was save all the images as a single PDF file, log into my e-mail client and e-mail the file to myself. Worked like a charm! in 45 minutes I was introduced to the system, scanned off 56 pages of the document and walked out the door! Now I can spend the hours of research that I need to figure out who everyone is in the comfort of my own home and the quiet of sleeping kids!

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