Tuesday, June 23, 2009

William Moore-Taylor

William Taylor came to the United States in 1876. He would have been 17. He was naturalized in 1881 according to the 1920 Census. I should look up that record to locate his arrival in the United States to see what surname he gave aboard ship.

He married Sadie (Sarah) Minerva Slentz 21 November 1885 in Dawson County, Montana. This would have been after his mother's death and shortly after his brother and sisters had arrived in the United States. They were headed to Montana to meet him according to the ship's list.

William and Sadie had 9 children. The first four were born in Montana. The next four in Missouri, and the youngest in Chicago. Frank Mervin, Florence Ellen, Ethel Jane, Myrtle Viola, Annie Grace, Mary Irene, Charles Clayton, William Delton, and Harold Rex. Florence and Annie both died young.

William started married life as a farmer (1900). Then moved on to being a Boiler maker for the railroad (1910, 1920). When he died in 1927 he was a retired night watchman for the Federal Reserve Life Insurance Company in Kansas City, Kansas.

I haven't found William on the 1880 census although I have looked for him both as a MOORE and as a TAYLOR. In 1900 his family lived in Jackson, Daviess, Missouri. Then in 1910 in Chicago, Illinois. Finally, in 1920 in Kansas City, Kansas.

His death certificate states that his mother was Mary Moore of England. His father was Charles Taylor of England. All censuses state that both parents were born in England.

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