Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Searching on DeBarcy

Marian DeBarcy is how her name was given to us. Don't know if it is misspelled or not. We aren't totally sure of how it should be pronounced, but we have found much of the information Charles Taylor, Jr gave us was spelled phonetically, as if he had only heard the words, never seen them written. That said, I just did another Google search on "DeBarcy" to see what I'd come up with.

First thing is a reference to an Edith DeBarcy in a movie from 1982, Toute une Nuit. Then comes some references that belong to was a question I asked at a Huguenot e-mail list. Another couple were references to this blog. There is a DeBarcy Court in Monmouth, NJ that was hit by a tornado. A reference to an author on Some sort of interview with a Phillippe DeBarcy of General Motors on RTBF Media. The Renaissance Faire in LA mentions a "Sir William DeBarcy" in quotes, so does that mean he is an actor pretending to be someone from the 16th Century or someone who never existed at all? There are a couple of references to people's profiles that are computer generated and not really people at all (Esther Born, Annie Born).

Here's something...a Monique DeBarcy married to Jacques Bodson...Jacques died in 2003. I wonder if the auther of this information would put me in contact with Monique? I have e-mailed him...I wonder what response I will get.

I've bumped into this one on KindredKonnections before...but I don't know WHO put the information there. Anyone willing to claim it?

There is apparently a "Proost DeBarcy" art award.

There is an Evrard Website on that has a Vanquestaine DeBarcy in their family. But it is locked...don't you just hate that?

There is a Bernard DeBarcy, Veterinarian in Brussells, Belgium. (See page 11)

This has possibilities... a village called Barcy in Siene-et-Marne, Ile-de-France. The Region is Siene et Marne...named for the two rivers, Siene & Marne. It is just outside of Paris...I'll have to look into this more. What really makes me interested is the fact that Charles Taylor wrote it all down from hearing, not seeing it written before...what possibilities does that leave open?

Here is a map:

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What if she is really Marian Moore from Barcy, Siene-et-Marne, Ile-de-France? Then we should be able to find a brother, George Moore and a sister, Sylvia Moore also there, and they leave before 1860. Hmmm... I'm looking for the history of Barcy, France. More later!

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  1. Wow, Anne, this is really awesome to find this little town of Barcy, France.