Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A connection between Shaws and Taylors?

I received an email about Mervyn Pratt today.  He married Mrs. Adelaide Shaw’s oldest daughter, Maria Ann Shaw.  Mervyn had already moved to New York, but came back to Liverpool, apparently just to marry Maria Ann for his trip was very short.

And I realized something…Mary Ann Moore de Barcy and Maria Ann Shaw.  Don’t know if there is any relevance or not but if so, Maria Ann Shaw was born 1855, which is right about the time we’d be expecting Mary Ann Moore de Barcy to be leaving France as ‘a young lady’.

The flip side of it is the possibility that Mary Ann Moore de Barcy really had lived in Liverpool all her life and knew Adelaide Williams (married: Shaw) before either got married.

The catch is, that Mary Ann DIDN’T name one of her daughters Adelaide…unless it was one that died…which I haven’t been able to track yet.  On the other hand, one of Adelaide’s sisters is named Alice, and one of them is named Maria.

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