Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Nellie Taylor Garrick

So I found Nellie Taylor b. 1880 in Liverpool.  She married James Gordon Garrick and they had a daughter Marjorie Howard Garrick in 1910.  In 1911 her sister Esther was living with them. She worked in a Confectioneri's shop.

James Gordon Garrick died 1914. Probate administration for the estate (valued at over £7000) went to his widow, Nellie Howard Garrick.

Nellie died in 1942. Probate administration for the estate valued at over £4000 went to Marjorie Howard Baugh, wife of Arthur William Baugh.  Arthur died 1947.  His estate, valued at £723, ws administered by his widow, Marjorie Howard Baugh.  Clearly the money was from James Gordon Garrick.

I cannot find any other children for Nellie and none at all for Marjorie.

It looks like Garrick might have been married previously and have grown children when he married Nellie.  Nellie never remarried (surname is Garrick in Will Calendar) and so far I haven't found another marriage for Marjorie either as she dies 1987 with the surname Baugh. Wonder what happened to her estate?  I'd like to see if she had any pictures of the family!

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