Sunday, September 27, 2009

Uncle Samuel Taylor and Money

Charles [Sr.]'s brother Samuel's will is written 1855, with codicils. He dies 1875. His will states that money is to be held in trust for the child or children of his brother, Charles Taylor, living at the time of Samuel's death. In 1855, Charles had only Mary Collis Taylor, who would have been around 9 years old. Anne Clarke Morgan did not die until 1856. But in later codicils, Samuel doesn't bother to change that to state, "the child of my Brother, Charles Taylor, Mary Collis Taylor." Perhaps, Charles' relationship with Mary Ann Moore was a secret? Perhaps not. Perhaps, Mary Collis Taylor was taken on as a poor relation and was not able to marry until she had received this money from her uncle...she doesn't marry until 1880! She was 34. (That also explains why she only had three sons.)

However, there is no mention of money from Samuel in her marriage contract (1908 version). Where did that money go? It was roughly 1000 pounds.

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