Thursday, July 16, 2009

Margaret and the third family

So now that I have Anne Clark Morgan all figured out, the next step is to work on Margaret, Charles' third wife. I must admit that finding a marriage record for Charles & Anne Clark makes me feel a whole lot better about his morals. Although, I've always figured he MUST have married her, because she was accepted by the family for the rest of her life, but our family was shipped off to their brother in America. I wonder if Charles Sr. came forth with the money to pay their passage to the United States?

Anyway, about Margaret. Her youngest, Esther was born 1889 according to the 1891 census, where Charles was listed as widower. So she must have died between the birth of Esther and the taking of the 1891 census. Not a big window of time. Searching for a Margaret Taylor death in that window turned up a lot...however I noticed they have now added ages at death and that narrowed down to just a couple. One in Mar 1889 who is 46 and one in Dec 1889 who is 38. Both ages are a little off from the age given in the 1881 census...but I vote for the Mar 1889 one, because I searched for Esther's birth in 1889 and found one in Dec 1888, the only one in West Derby! I suspect Margaret died from complications from Esther's birth not yet knowing the exact dates, I could easily see Esther born in late December and Margaret dying a few days later in early January.

Three possible births for Frederick, I think the one with Frederick is most likely as his full name is given in the 1891 census:
Dec 1881 TAYLOR Fred Herbert Derby 7b 547 [possibly West Derby? but book sequence isn't right]
Mar 1882 Taylor Fred W. Derby 8b 640
Jun 1882 Taylor Frederick Liverpool 8b 161

Margaret is the hardest because the name is so common:
Dec 1884 Taylor Margaret W.Derby 8b 487
Mar 1885 Taylor Margaret Liverpool 8b 108
Mar 1885Taylor Margaret W Derby 8b 378
Jun 1885 Taylor Margaret W. Derby 8b 498
Sep 1885 TAYLOR Margaret Liverpool 8b 21
Dec 1885 Taylor Margaret W. Derby 8b 486

And last, to Nellie. I wasn't seeing anything that looked good for Nel* so I wondered what names Nellie might be a nickname for. I came up with Ellen and found:
Sep 1879 Taylor Ellen Jane W Derby 8b 407

It looks like we've found everybody! Now to start ordering their certificates. Once I've gotten Esther's and Ellen's then I'll use whatever I learn from theirs (Margaret's maiden name!) to request matched searches on Margaret & Frederick.

What a good feeling to have made this progress! But I know we couldn't have done it in previous years, because the information simply wasn't so easily available.

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