Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anne Clarke Morgan

So I was thinking about Anne Clark (Annie Clerk - 1851) and I realized that Mary Collis Taylor, her daughter, ALWAYS used her middle name of Collis. It is on EVERY record that we have of her. What if "Clark" was Anne's middle name, not her surname?

So I search on and found only one "Anne Clark" as given names for a marriage to of all people! Charles Taylor. It was registered in the Mar Quarter of 1844 in Dolgelly District, Merionethshire, Wales. Anne Clark Morgan was her name. The 1851 census says she was born in Merionethshire, Wales, so the marriage location fits. Mary Collis Taylor was born 1846, so the date fits. The name fits, and the husband we bother to look any farther?

So I took the next step, looking for her death record. And in the June quarter 1856 there is an Anne Clark Taylor who is registered in Wirral District, Cheshire. They were living in Cheshire in 1851, so that fits right in as well and well, I was so excited I order these two certificates and Mary Collis Taylor's birth certificate as well.

I can't wait.

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