Sunday, July 31, 2011

Toxteth Park Cemetery

I found something today...

Toxteth Park Cemetery burials. I wondered about it. There is a great history listed there that references many cemeteries in Liverpool. The basic premise is that as people moved out of the squalor of the inner city, the churches' congregations in that area decreased. Eventually many churches were closed, and pulled down because the value of the land in central Liverpool was so high. Those buried in these church yards were exhumed and moved to centralized locations...Toxteth Park Cemetery was one of these.

And reading all of this made me realize that I have almost no records of burials for the Taylor family living in Liverpool. Hmm...

So, searching for the surname "Taylor." There are quite a few. But one jumped out at me: Samuel Taylor, address 7 Seddon St, buried 1 Oct 1875... Seddon St...that's the family address again (#10 Cleveland Square is on the corner of Cleveland Square and Seddon Street...the Paint & Varnish side of the business is usually listed on Seddon Street, while the Pharmacy is Cleveland Square) Well, yes, that was Samuel Taylor, Charles' next older brother, who died "suddenly" 28 September 1875 . There was a link for the grave itself and I found that both Samuel and his widow, Eliza were buried in that grave. And, oh joy! Eliza's burial date and address!

I'm loving this site already! Now to see who else is buried there...and where they are buried (did I mention the grave maps?)

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