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Calling all FAMILY!

If you're me please!

Children of Charles Taylor [Sr] and Marianne Moore de Barcy:

A1 - William Howard Taylor b. 30 Jun 1860 in Liverpool, England md. Sarah (Sadie) Minerva Slentz 21 Nov 1885 in Glendive, Dawson, Montana
Their children:
          B1 - Frank Mervin Taylor b. 16 Feb 1887 md. Zella Mae Corberly
                    C1 - Walter William Taylor
                    C2 - Robert Frank Taylor
                    C3 - Dorothy Marie Taylor
                    C4 - Charles Howard Taylor
                    C5 - Richard Lee Taylor
                    C6 - Donald Duane Taylor
                    C7 - John Philip Taylor
                    C8 - David Warren Taylor
          B2 - Florence Ellen Taylor b. 27 Mar 1889 d. 1891
          B3 - Ethel Jane Taylor b. 12 Dec 1890 md. William Harry Ranes
                    C1 - Hazel Lillian Ranes md. Marvin Wright
                    C2 - Oren Leroy Ranes
          B4 - Myrtle Viola Taylor b. 28 Feb 1893 md. 1st William Imler 2nd Joseph Steven McDonald
                    C1 - Alice Mae Imler
                    C2 - Dorothy Rae Imler
          B5 - Annie Grace Taylor b. 15 May 1895 d. 19 Jul 1895
          B6 - Mary Irene Taylor b. 14 Feb 1898 md. Vernon Ellsworth
          B7 - Charles Clayton Taylor b. 27 Nov 1900 md. Clara Lee Pennewell
                    C1 - Virginia Lee Taylor md. 1st Vance Olsen 2nd Leon Trainor, Jr.
                    C2 - Norma Jean Taylor
          B8 - William Delton Taylor b. 18 may 1903 md. Helen Lucille Rogers
                    C1 - Wesley Delton Taylor
          B9 - Harold Rex Taylor b. 25 Feb 1910 md. 1st Leota Grace Heckman 2nd Marge Dell Stevenson
                     C1 - Gordon William Taylor
A2 - George Henry Taylor b. 27 Aug 1862 in Liverpool, England. Went to sea after the 1871 census. No one knows what became of him. We do not know if we retained the Moore surname or the Taylor surname.
A3 - Anna M Taylor b. 11 Dec 1865 in Liverpool, England md. Duane Robert Linsley 17 Jul 1886 in Dawson Co., Montana
Their children:
          B1 - Hazel May Linsley b. Sep 1888 md. Frederick Temple
                    C1 - Dorothy Temple
                    C2 - Charolette Temple
          B2 - George Howard Linsley b. Aug 1889 md. Lillie Bertie
                    C1 - Nellie Linsley
                    C2 - Flora Linsley md. Denny Coonts
A4 - Charles Taylor [Jr] b. 2 Aug 1868 in Liverpool, England md. 1st Anna Marie Helland, 2nd Eva Electa Brown, 3rd Madge Blanton Smith
Their children (all 1st marriage):
          B1 - Ethel Gunnell Taylor b. 9 May 1895 md. Arnold Thomas Read
                    C1 - Willard Charles Read md. 1st Theo Dean Straicher
                    C2 - Arnold Bowman Read md. Jean Eleanor Burns
                    C3 - William Andrew Read md. 1st Maxine Womach 2nd Kay Fox, 3rd Tina Marinez
                    C4 - Ethelene Read md. 1st Richard Roach, 2nd ? Petree
                    C5 - AnnaMae Read md. Victor A. Lo Forte, Jr
                    C6 - Larry Thomas Read md. Anice Jo Archer
          B2 - Hazelle Marie Taylor b. 9 May 1895 md. 1st. Arthur Robert Harnish 2nd Jack A Dollar, 3rd Everett Larence Johnson
          B3 - Helen Josephine Taylor b. 20 Nov 1896 md. 1st Heber Harris Thomas, Jr., 2nd Leslie Hollister, 3rd James Wendell Phillips Glascow, 4th Frank George Geiger
                    C1 - Raymond H Thomas
          B4 - Maude Leonore Taylor b. 22 Nov 1897 md. William Lorenzo Taylor, Jr
          B5 - Charles Duane Taylor b. 13 Mar 1902 md. Nettie Elora Taylor
                    C1 - Dorothy Taylor
                    C2 - Charles Duane Taylor, Jr
                    C3 - Ronald Dean Taylor
          B6 - Hilda Virginia Taylor b. 8 Feb 1914 md. George Edwin Anderson
                    C1 - George Edwin (Ted) Anderson Jr md. Judy Butler
                    C2 - Ken Anderson
                    C3 - Sandy Anderson
A5 - Alice Jane (Jennie) Taylor b. 25 May 1875 in Liverpool, England md. John Simmons 20 Oct 1890 in Ogden, Weber, Utah, md. 2nd LeRoy H Mercer 8 Apr 1896 in Helena, Lewis and Clark, Montana, md. 3rd John J Dodge 3 Oct 1901 in Bozeman, Gallatin, Montana
Her child (by John Simmons)
          B1 - Minerva (Minnie) Mae Mercer b. 10 Aug 1893 md. James Frank Preston

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