Saturday, December 19, 2009

Esther Taylor

So I ordered Esther Taylor's birth certificate. She is Charles [Sr]'s youngest child. She was born 23 September 1888. Her father was Charles Taylor, "gentleman." Her mother was Margaret Taylor formerly Reid. So Margaret, was apparently married to Charles [Sr] and her maiden name was Reid. Unfortunately, I can't find a marriage record for a Charles Taylor and Margaret Reid/Reed/Read, except for one in Salford (near Manchester) in 1871. But that makes Margaret barely 16 and Charles 55. Besides, Alice Jane Moore/Taylor is born 1875 and supposedly his daughter by Marianne Moore de Barcy.

Margaret Reid Taylor died 6 July 1890 wife of Charles Taylor, gentleman, same address as on Esther's birth certificate. She died of "Post Partum Haemorrhage." I guess we better look for another kid!

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