Thursday, August 13, 2009

Charles Taylor in 1841 Census

He's with Anthony Thomas Morgan in Llangelynnin Parish, Merioneth, Wales!

Now, he isn't listed as a druggist, but as "independent." I guess that means he's got money and doesn't need to work. I wonder if he's through with his schooling and taking a trip before settling down to work at the family business in Cleveland Square? Well, at least it explains how Charles and Anne Clarke Morgan met.

Another researcher has contacted me through the Merioneth Message board who is related to the Morgan family and has considerable research on them. He's found a Quaker connection which also links them to John Bright, a reformer who was raised in Rochdale. Sounds to me as if somehow John Bright introduced Charles Taylor to Anthony Thomas Morgan (whom he met at a Quaker school) which eventually led to Charles and Anne's marriage in 1844.

I need to go through the history of Rochdale some more to find out what else is going on. I did see reference to the Corn Laws and the buying and redistribution of land in relation to John Bright. There is considerable information on John Bright, perhaps it will give us some clues on the Morgans, Taylors and perhaps how in the world Charles met Mary Ann Moore (Marian Debarcy)

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