Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Llangelynnin Parish Church

So here's a Google map of Llangelynnin.

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As you can see, the church isn't very far from the beach.

Hendre, Anne Clarke Morgan's residence, is a little harder to explain. There is apparently a house named Hendre across the bay from Llangelynnin. But it looks very new and is in the middle of a row of houses, so that doesn't make sense. There is another house apparently in Dolgelley on Well St. But the only town named Hendre that I come up with is in Mid-Glamorganshire. But that is quite a distance away and how would they have met?

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  1. Hendre in Llangelynin isn't the name of a house, it is the name of a "township", a township in Wales is an area of a parish.

    Welsh sheep farmer's use to move sheep between "hafod" meaning the higher pastures where they would take the sheep during the summer and "hendre", the lower pastures where the sheep used to go for the winter. So Hendre, Llangelynin will be on the lower pastures of the parish, probably near the church.