Saturday, February 21, 2009

The family story...

Charles Taylor was born 1868 in Liverpool, England. His father was Charles Taylor, his mother was Marian DeBarcy.

Charles Sr. was a chemist and druggist and outfitted medicine cabinets for sea-going vessels. He worked at #10 Cleveland Square in a building owned by his father. He spoke 7 languages and was twenty years older than Marian.

Marian was French. She escaped some sort of religious persecution in France by dressing as a nun and coming to England. Her brother, George and sister Sylvia, both died in the escape. Marian was a companion to Lady Goodal prior to her marriage to Charles Taylor, Sr.

They had five living children, with a least one stillborn or early childhood death. William was born 1860 in Liverpool. Then George Henry-born 1862, Annie-born 1865, Charles Jr.-born 1868, and finally Alice Jane (otherwise known as Jennie)-born 1876.

Charles Sr. had a previous marriage and a daughter from that marriage, Mary Taylor, who lived with Uncle Sam Taylor. Other uncles were John and George, also living in Liverpool.

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